About Us
ITM Desarrolladores

With over 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to the development of spaces that solve and enrich the community and contribute with options affordable costs for people who have the need or taste for a home that meets certain unique features like the option of living near the sea, have common and leisure, in a central location between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos areas.

Generate value offers to residents, visitors and stakeholders to fully satisfy the need we all have fun, rest and security, through the development and creation of real estate, tourism products and social lifestyle and business in southeast the country and around the world.

Committed to providing unique and unrepeatable experiences through a space, service and higher quality care, contact with nature and urban development. always taking care of our Human Capital, stability and development, as well as the surrounding community.

Continue to be the best tourist and real estate developer in the southeastern region of Mexico, offering the best service, personal attention to the welfare of the community and visitors to this tourist destination.

DISCIPLINE: It is the means to coordinate, develop skills and achieve organize ourselves as a functional team.

RESPECT: it Is reciprocity, mutual appreciation and recognition.

HONESTY: For ourselves, for our company, but especially to our customers.

HUMILITY: We are able to recognize our achievements and strengths, weaknesses and errors.

COMMUNICATION: Healthy living is only possible when making up the group, and those who work in it, listen with care and attention to which it is expressed, so that your messages are properly perceived.

PASSION: To feel and to transmit a taste for our work and permanently have a motivation to be the starter in our projects, in day to day to achieve individual goals and realize our group

LOYALTY: This is the best way to experience gratitude, the condition to be friends, and honors those who practice.


Create opportunities for healthy development and personal growth.
We are proud to help young people, children and adults of Puerto Morelos.